About us

Vision :

To become the most preferred Pest Management Company in the country by providing unmatched Eco friendly solutions in Pest management for every Industry segments and Individuals. To be the most preferred company for the employees, to work with.

Mission :

Always strive to reach beyond the expectation level of Customers. Educate them the importance of Sanitation, Hygiene and Housekeeping, in Integrated Pest management. Periodical training, Knowledge updating & sharing for all employees to become the market leaders in the industry.

Technical Details

The Management and Operation team has working experience of more than 10 Years at user industry with pioneers in Pest management operations, Structural Pest Management as per BIS & Fumigation of Godowns, Containers and onboard Vessel Fumigation etc.

They do have the expertise in implementation of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) as per HACCP audit guidelines, for various Industries and more particularly in Food Industry. Many of the food handling industries being served by us has successfully conceded through the audit of AIB INTERNATIONAL of USA and of US FDA.

Due to their adherence with the WHO regulations for sea going equipments, they have earned success in empanelling themselves among the approved PCO’s of the Port Health Organisation, for Disinfestation of Ships, Barges, Tugs etc. SPC is periodically conducting training sessions on Sanitation, Hygiene & Housekeeping for the Crews of Sea Going Equipments.

Documentation by SPC

  1. A complete report after preliminary inspection carried out at the Site, mentioning Structural deficiencies, Pest infestation, Present condition of Hygiene, Sanitation practices etc. with suggestions/recommendations.

  2. MSDS of all the pesticides which will be used in the allocated site.

  3. Dosage, method of application & area of application of each pesticide.

  4. Monthly report on Pest management activities with planning for the next month.

  5. Monthly catch analysis/Trend analysis.

  6. Monthly meeting with the concerned person of the client company regarding the overview of the pest management operations of the previous month with suggestions for improvements and action plan for the client company.

  7. Quarterly review on Pest infestation, rectification of structural deficiencies etc in line with the Preliminary Inspection report.

  8. Quarterly audit by the team of our technical person and the person deputed by the client company.